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Welcome to NebraskAmazing, a website devoted to everything amazing in the great state of NEBRASKA...Here you will find that there is more to this state than Big Red Football, corn,  and endless miles of prarie...museums, haunted houses, hidden treasure--Nebraska is full of fun and excitement! There's plenty of history too! From Lewis and Clark to Americas first spree killers, Nebraska history is important and interesting...Located in America's heartland, Nebraska is also home to Carhenge--a tribute to Stonehenge made from old cars--as well as the Museum of Roller Skating, the Liars Museum, and the world's largest ball of stamps!



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This page features AMAZING places in Nebraska including many unusual and lesser known places to visit. Much fun and adventure is awaiting you in this misunderstood state! Includes links to  Nebraska Ghost Towns , Nebraska's Ionia Volcano and Lost Nebraska Treasure.

Stop for dinner in Rockville, Nebraska's LOBSTER CAPITAL

Amazing Nebraska Museums
Nebraska is full of history and culture and this is reflected in the dozens of museums around the state. From the nationally recognized Strategic Air and Space Museum, Joslyn Art Museum, and Lincoln's Morril Hall to the lesser known Museum of Fur Trading, Sod House Museum and the Liar's Hall of Fame there is something for everyone in Nebraska.


Features famous, infamous, and other colorful Nebraskans, including the man who invented Kool-Aid, Dick "Two Gun" Hart, the brother of Al Capone, and the nation's first spree killer, Charles Starkweather.


Nebraskans in the Civil War? You betcha! Find out how to become a re-enactor! This and other information on interesting events that have happened in Nebraska.



They say if you don't like the weather in Nebraska, wait ten minutes...blizzards, floods, drought, Nebraska is a land of strange weather. Located in "Tornado Alley", Nebraska may be best known for it's severe summer storms which often spawn devestating twisiers.


The biggest, the smallest, the longest, the first, the only--Nebraska is full of extremes--and strangeness! World records, National records, and other lesser known state trivia that will make you the life of any party...(provided everyone at the party is drunk!)
Worlds Largest Ball of Stamps-Boys Town, NE

Nebraska is the happiest state in the U.S.!

Nebraska ghost stories, hauntings, and spooky places. Also a link to Nebraska Haunting Investigators webpage and many other local Ghost Hunters.

Lake monters, giant birds, and Bigfoot--oh my! Nebraska is home to more than just cattle--read all about it here!
Seven sightings from Nebraska reported to the Bigfoot Researchers Organization PLUS Did Nebraska serial killer Charles Starkweather see Bigfoot near his Lincoln boyhood home?


Sightings and encounters of unidentified flying objects in Nebraska skys from the late 1800's to the 21st Century. Also a link to Nebraska Cattle Mutilations and Nebraska Crop Circles pages.
NEW cattle mutilation stories!


This page features some of Nebraska's unsolved crimes and cold cases. There is also a link to the NEBRASKA MISSING PERSONS page which list just a few of the dozens of missing Nebraskans.

The Mafia in Omaha Nebraska? Read all about it here--then fugeddaboudit!! Interesting stories and lesser known historical facts from Nebraska's biggest city!


Links to interesting Nebraska websites including cities, groups, clubs, museums, musical groups and many more!

Huskermania is a serious mental disorder.


"In no time at all we were back on the main highway and that night I saw the entire state of Nebraska unroll before my eyes. A hundred and ten miles an hour straight through, an arrow road, sleeping towns, no traffic, and the Union Pacific streamliner falling behind us in the moonlight. I wasn’t frightened at all that night; it was perfectly legitimate to go 110 and talk and have all the Nebraska towns – Ogallalla, Gothernburg, Kearney, Grand Island, Columbus, unreel with dreamlike rapidity as we roared ahead and talked."

– Jack Kerouac, "On the Road"


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Cattle Drive Along Nebraska's US 136