Event Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009
City: Bellevue
Region: Nebraska
Country: US
Shape: Sphere,Star-like

Description: While driving south on Highway 75 between Hwy 370 and Capehart Rd, I happened to glance East and noticed an unusually bright "star" sitting at the 10 o'clock position, approx. 60-70 degrees off the horizon. I have been avid astronomy for over 25 years and know the brightest stars that occupy this area of the sky to be Sirius and Procyon. I'm also fairly certain it was too early for Regulus or Alphard to be that high above the horizon and they aren't as bright. I estimate it was magnitude 0 at the peak. The object caught my attention since I knew there shouldn't be another star that bright in the area. It was also changing brightness levels.

I don't believe there were any clouds to cause the brightness fluctuations and the weather history for that date verifies this:
History for Omaha Offutt, NE Monday
- February 16, 2009 6:55 PM 34.0
- F 22.5, F 63% 30.06 in 10.0 miles SSE 8.1 mph - N/A Clear
The object also seemed to be in motion, but there were absolutely no navigation lights as found on normal aircraft. There were about 3-4 other jets in the sky that all had the normal strobes and lights on them. This object then seemed to vanish after about a minute, so I pretty much forgot about it as we were approaching our exit onto Capehart Rd. As we got to the exit ramp, I noticed it had returned. A commercial airliner was flying East in the same section of the sky and this object almost seemed to make a maneuver to avoid crossing paths with the jet, then settled into a steady glide in a West-Northwest direction.

I had pulled onto the shoulder and asked my passenger Melissa to take a look and she saw the exact same thing. We were both very intrigued that it seemed under intelligent control, i.e. it didn't simply streak and fade, or have any sort of greenish trail like a meteor. After watching for another 30-40 seconds, the object made a banking maneuver north in a deliberate fashion and then slowly faded from view. A very impressive event for us!