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Cattle Mutilations


1974 Was a Bad Year for Nebraska Cattle

April 1974 -Robertson farm in Callaway, Nebraska a dead mutilated cow and calf were found. The tails had been removed, the blood drained, and the cow's udder had been slit. (Source: Omaha World Herald, April 9, 1974)

In mid-1974, at least five cattle were found slain and mutilated in Madison County, Nebraska. In all cases the genitalia of the animals were removed, and in one instance the cow was reported to be minus one ear and eye, as well as its nose, mouth and tongue. UFOs were reported. One witness, Harold Kester, described seeing an object which `looked as if it had a little bluish-green light on each side with a glow surrounding it. It was behind a tree and moved from one side of the tree to the other. We couldn't tell how close it was or how fast it was moving.'

September 1974 - A calf was found mutilated in Pierce County, Nebraska. The blood had been drained from the animal and the sexual organs removed. A Bigfoot sighting was reported the previous day in Jefferson, South Dakota. (Source: Richard Hall, Zetetic Scholar, p. 49, case 6).

November 1974 - In Madison County, Nebraska a cattle mutilation was discovered here. A Bigfoot report occurred on the previous day in Burt County, three counties to the east. (Source: Fate, November 1974, p. 14).

In 1974 Senator Carl Curtis of the Nebraska communities wrote to Clarence Kelley, the Director of the FBI in Washington calling for an investigation in to the strange mutilations and deaths of cattle and livestock in his constituency. The response was that ‘no Federal law had been violated’ and the FBI had no jurisdiction to intervene.

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Published Tuesday
April 29, 2003

Reward grows in mutilation of cattle
By Paul Hammel
World-Herald Staff Writer

VALPARAISO, Neb. - A reward fund rose Monday to $6,000 and investigators enlisted the help of a Las Vegas organization in hopes of solving two mysterious cases of cattle mutilation northwest of Lincoln.

Saunders County Sheriff Chuck Lacey said that, so far, there were few clues about who killed and mutilated two 1,200-pound cows and a bull calf at the Benes Cattle Co. on April 5 and April 7.

Lacey and an official with the Las Vegas-based National Institute for Discovery Science said the Valparaiso cases have an advantage over dozens of other reported cases of cattle mutilation - vehicle tracks and footprints.

"It's unusual in cases that we know of to find tracks of any type," said Dr. Colm Kelleher, administrator of the 7-year-old private science institute that investigates anomalies such as cattle mutilations. Kelleher said he is unaware that any case of cattle mutilation has been solved since the incidents first made headlines in the

"Tracks are a good start," he said. "So is the reward." The $6,000 reward for information is being offered by Nebraska Crime Stoppers, Saunders County Crime Stoppers, the Saunders County Livestock Association, the Nebraska Cattlemen's
Association, and the Benes family. It is twice the initial reward. Lacey said the reward reflects how seriously the mutilations are being treated by cattle producers.

"There's no brotherhood among burglars and thieves, so I can't believe we don't have a constructive lead yet," he said. "Maybe it's coming." So far, Lacey said, he has gotten only one small lead.

"Mainly it's people from all parts of the United States telling us it's the government . . . but nothing constructive," the sheriff said. "We know it's people and they drive cars."

Three separate sets of footprints and vehicle tracks were found in the snow on April 7, when a 2-year-old cow was found dead at the Benes farm. The animal appeared to have died of electrocution, and an attempt had been made to cut off one of its teats. Two days earlier, a cow and a bull calf were found dead in the
same pasture. The testicles, anus and meat from its hindquarters
were cut off the calf, which appeared to have had its blood
drained. The cow, which appeared to have been electrocuted, had one teat
cut off.

The sheriff said the Las Vegas group may be able to shed more light on how the cows were killed. Particular toxins, Lacey said, have been associated with cattle mutilations. Kelleher, whose organization investigates scientific anomalies such as cattle mutilations and alleged UFO sightings, said his group will analyze tissue samples from one of the dead cows as well as photographs of the mutilated animals. He said only minimal tests will be possible because the tissue
arrived so long after the incident. Kelleher, a doctor of biochemistry, said the Valparaiso case is intriguing because of the burns left in the cows' mouths and the discovery of the tracks.

He said there is no proof that such mutilations are linked to UFOs, but there was a rash of UFO sightings during some mutilation cases in Montana in the 1970s.
Although he wouldn't rule out cult activity in the Valparaiso case, Kelleher said previous mutilations have not been linked to occult groups. He said his group's goal is to investigate scientific anomalies that mainstream organizations ignore in hopes that it will lead to new discoveries.

Anyone with information about these crimes is asked to call
Crime Stoppers at (800) 422-1494.

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"Larry Jurjens was checking his herd of about 100 cattle" Thursday, August 19, 2004 "when he found a dead 11-year-old Black Angus."

"Jurjens said the cow's left eyeball was removed, the bag and udders had been removed, and there was a large excision in the rectal region. None of the internal organs were removed, and he said the cuts appeared to have been made with surgical precision."

"The tongue had also been removed with the incision made far back into the throat."

"Jurjens said two puncture marks were on the cow, each about 1/8 of an inch in diameter."

"Jurjens, who has been a rancher" in Farnam, Nebraska "for more than 35 years, said he has never seen anything like it before."

"Jurjens said no blood was found on or near the cow."

"He said he estimates that the cow had been dead for two days before it was discovered."

"The estimated time of death corresponds with unidentified noises heard in the area." On the night of Tuesday, August 17, 2004, "Jurjens's wife, Joanne, heard what sounded like a large, low-flying aircraft going over the house."

"The low rumbling noise was heard by several other witnesses as far away as Gothenburg (population 3,679)," 16 miles (27 kilometers) north of Farnam.

"Witnesses said the noise persisted for a minute to five minutes in some areas."

"The cow's death is being investigated by Linda Moulton Howe, an international investigative journalist and documentary film producer from Jamison, Pa. She visited Jurjens' ranch on (Wednesday) August 25 (2004)."

Farnam is on Highway 23 in southern Nebraska's Dawson County, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of North Platte. (See the North Platte, Nebraska Telegraph for September 2, 2004, "Farnam cow found mutilated." Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)

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Cattle Mutilation - Wilbur, NE
Reported to local authorities:  November 10, 1997
Location:   Farm located 41/4 miles N.E. of Wiber, Nebraska
Situation: Female cow 6 years old, 1050 lbs, found still warm, no sign
of cause of death from autopsy, udder completely cut off and the lip.
Cow was brown/gray, farmer had seen her the day before alive and
appearing healthy. She had a 4-6 week old calf (white faced black body
120 lbs. Angus sired) that is still missing. (unusual, the bull was
nearby but in another fenced area, and the calf SHOULD have been yelling
and upset but has not yet been found) 18' surgical incisions to remove
lip and udder. No fraying, very deliniated. (no bleeding found, but
blood still in body).

Vetrinary doing autopsy said he had a case EXACTLY like this one in the
area 8 years ago. He will be a 'go between' for the party who's cow it
was in 1989 who wishes to remain annonymous.

Some local officials speculate that "because it is hunting season, the
cow may have been shot and then mutilated to make it look like
'satanists' to cover up".