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Lost Treasure in Nebraska

In 1867 a band of outlaws robbed a treasure express stage coach of 400 lbs. of gold bars along the Sidney-Deadwood road near Sidney. A posse surrounded the gang on Lodgepole Creek just east of town. Evidence indicates the treasure was buried along the banks of the creek.

Stories of Jesse James are also very prominent in Nebraska and it is believed that he buried quite a bit of loot in various locations throughout the state. One such spot is at Devil’s Nest close by Crafton. Another place to search for Jesse James treasure is a place called Robber’s Cave close by Macy along the Missouri River. It is not known if the loot was buried in the cave or somewhere nearby.

Outlaw Kid Wade is said to have buried loot just south of Bassett.

Outlaw caches are said to be buried near Lexington, Niobrara, at an old campsite just west of Plattsmouth, and outlaw loot is supposedly concealed in or near the original entrance of "The Cave" in Lincoln.

If you go across the North Platte River just a bit south of Lewellen in and around Ash Hollow, you may be able to locate the valuables of two families that were traveling along the Oregon Trail. They were attacked by Indians but had buried their valuables close to the site before the attack.

A buffalo hunter and a hide salesman were traveling together and buried around $800 in silver and gold coins close to their campsite outside Fort Kearney. They placed the coins in a leather bag before burying it. Unbeknown to the pair, they had been followed by two bandits that ended up killing the buffalo hunter. The loot was never found.

A cache of gold, buried by pioneers before an Indian attack, is buried near Rulo.

A cache of valuables buried by a pioneer family is supposedly at or near Nebraska City.

Pioneer Anthony Harris is said to have buried money near Chimney Rock, but was killed before retrieving it.

Buffalo Bill Cody hid a cache of around $17,000 close to the downtown area of North Platte. The story around this cache is that in 1869, Buffalo Bill had a small ranch close to North Platte. He got drunk one day and hid the money somewhere on the ground of the Scout’s Rest Ranch or somewhere between downtown North Platte and the ranch. He never could remember the exact location of where he had buried the money.

A cache of treasure was buried about 200 paces behind the old jail in Ogallala during the days of the cattle drives.

In 1855 blacksmith Al Medley buried $2,000 in gold coins on his property in Peru. He went to Missouri to purchase merchandise and never returned. Some sources believe the cache was buried near an old mill Medley often visited on Camp Creek.

David Colbert "Cobb" McCanles made a fortune charging travelers using his toll bridge at Rock Creek, along the Oregon Trail, in the 1800s. He put $50,000 to $100,000 in gold coins in a blackened iron kettle and buried it close to his Rock Creek Station. He was killed in 1861 by Wild Bill Hickok and the cache has not been found.

Cattle rustlers are said to have buried a cache of money near Mullen.

$100,000 in gold and silver coins is buried on an island in the Platte River near Wood River.

Nail kegs of coins, buried by a ferry operator, are said to be located near Decatur.

$125,000 in gold coins, a lost Army payroll, is located in a buffalo wallow near Hastings.

Fort Kearney soldiers supposedly buried a large cache of gold near the Fort.

$70,000 in gold was buried by a returning miner near Senaca, but died before recovering it.

A cache of wealth was buried by a local hat maker in or near De Soto, but has never been recovered.

A cache of gold buried by two wealthy ranchers is thought to be located in or near a cave near Alexandria.

$300,000 in gold is buried in a cave south of Gordon.

$60,000 in gold coins is buried somewhere near Staplehurst.

$100,000 in gold and currency is known to have been buried in the cellar of the now burned Bolton Hotel in Scotts Bluff. It has never been recovered.

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